Wearing a little and giving a lot, since 2009.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Atlanta Santa Speedo Run is to raise funds for those less fortunate through the support of local charitable service organizations while providing a fun, non-competitive athletic event that brings people together to celebrate their community. We are proud to support Joining Hearts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that raises awareness and funds to support prevention, care, and housing assistance to those impacted by HIV/AIDS in Atlanta.


Our History:

The Atlanta Santa Speedo Run is modeled after the highly successful and original Santa Speedo Run in Boston (brrrr). Despite our less nippy climate—though we have had snowstorm years!—we brought this incredible event to Atlanta. Since 2009, the Atlanta Santa Speedo Run has raised money for a variety of local charities. To date the Atlanta Santa Speedo Run has raised more than $815,000 for Atlanta-area charities!

2009  $42,000 CHRIS Kids
2010   $50,000 Camp Twin Lakes
2011  $128,000 Bert’s Big Adventure
2012   $85,000 CURE Childhood Cancer
2013   $94,000 Kate’s Club
2014   $75,000 Everybody Wins! Atlanta
2015   $45,000 BlazeSports
2016   $80,000 ​CHRIS Kids
2017   $61,000 Bert’s Big Adventure
2018   $43,000  Bert’s Big Adventure
2019   $53,000 Bert’s Big Adventure
2021   $36,000 Bert’s Big Adventure
2022   $27,000 Bert’s Big Adventure


The Cause:

Joining Hearts was started in 1987, when their founders started helping people living with HIV/AIDS in Atlanta. This formed what is called now today as the Host Committee of Joining Hearts. As needs and medical advances evolved, Joining Hearts had to do the same and has expanded to add additional events to help make a bigger impact with the wide range of organizations working to stop the spread of HIV in Atlanta. Joining Hears mission is to support these local organizations and people in our community that are fighting to stop the spread of the HIV virus and help people who are living with the disease.